Finding Home, begins in 1970’s Bombay and continues to 1980’s Australia. It is the story of a young woman’s journey to a new land, but it is also the story of an Indian Jewish community. Angelica is a member of the Bene Israel, Jews who have lived in India for 1,800 years. Since the creation of the state of Israel, the community has gotten increasingly smaller in India.

This memoir weaves together what is uniquely Indian and universally Jewish, providing a fascinating account of a young woman’s journey.

A good historian can recount the changing of the guard, but only a poet or skilled writer can write words that leap off the page and grab one’s emotions. This book does just that.”

Joseph Hodes, Ph.D., Author, “From India to Israel” Assistant Professor, International Studies, Texas Tech University, USA.

Finding Home – Memoir of a Jewish girl: Bombay to Sydney is based on themes of Jewish identity and home. The memoirs document the life of a young woman growing up in a once-flourishing Jewish community in post-colonial Bombay, who leaves the home of her birth to build a new life in Australia.

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